The Responsible AI Forum

Join us for a 3-day conference that brings together research, policy and practice on topics related to responsible use of AI

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The Responsible AI Forum aims to bring experts from diverse fields together to discuss the development of AI-based technologies within an ethical, sustainable, inclusive and comprehensive framework that delivers world benefit.

What is TRAIF

There is hardly any part of society that will not be affected by AI.

The Responsible AI Forum (TRAIF) seeks to contribute to the broader conversations and concerns surrounding ethics and AI as an international conference for everyone interested in this field. We welcome top experts from industry, civil society, government and academia to join us from all over the world. Join us for this second addition of the conference, #TRAIF2023!

Already in 2021, we exchanged views on the most relevant and pressing issues related to the responsible use of AI through shared stories, cutting-edge research and practical applications. We addressed ethical issues associated with the development, use, and impact of AI-enabled technologies. And of course, we stressed the importance of AI ethics and the need for responsible use of AI. It was an absolute pleasure having so many people joining us virtually from different counties and time zones.

To get a glimpse of the captivating moments from our #TRAIF2021, we invite you to watch this comprehensive wrap-up video.
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The Venue

TUM Main Campus

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) main campus is located in the beautiful city of Munich, Germany. With over 42,000 students and 560 professors, TUM is one of the largest and most prestigious technical universities in Europe. TUM offers a wide range of courses and programs, covering fields such as engineering, natural sciences, life sciences, economics, and medicine. The university is also known for its research activities, with numerous research institutes and centers conducting cutting-edge research in various fields. The TUM main campus is well-equipped with modern facilities, including state-of-the-art research laboratories, lecture halls, and libraries. The university also offers various services and support for students, including academic counseling, career services, and international student services.


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